Image courtesy of Lenka Tengblad.

Image courtesy of Lenka Tengblad.

Cherry Collins bridal wear is made up of a small collaborative team that is inspired by the pursuit of beauty, providing each bride the luxurious experience of comfort and style on her wedding day. 

With over 10 years of extensive experience in design and pattern making in high end womenswear she has developed great flexibility in aesthetic and a wealth of technical knowledge to draw from when designing her gowns.

The ability to work with structured, traditional silhouettes as well as more fluid draped forms allows us to seamlessly guide each bride through the process of detailing a wedding outfit that is just right for her figure and style.

Our gowns and bridal wear are finely crafted, using local makers and suppliers, nurturing these relationships to ensure that our high standards of quality are upheld. 

It will be our greatest pleasure to collaborate with you on a piece that you will be dear to you always.